Commercial Roofing Solutions

The only way you can be sure that your roof is doing its job all year long is to schedule periodic inspections which will lead to proper maintenance and repair. Please use the form to the right to get in contact with us.

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    Our Commercial Roofing Maintenance Program

    The roof is your first line of defence against weather. Regular servicing and maintenance may save you time and money- identifying small problems before they become big issues.

    Roof’s Inspections

    We suggests that commercial roofs be evaluated twice yearly, and fall fits into that schedule very well.

    Consult A Professional

    Although you could give your roof a once-over visually, roofing experts are trained to look for the signs that indicate a roof is damaged.

    Interior Evaluation

    The best indicator of a failing roof is often found within workspaces, storage areas, and other areas of your business.

    Repairs And Cleaning

    Once the issues are identified, The Aquashield roofing Team will make the repairs and complete the maintenance necessary.

    Exterior Evaluation

    The Roof will be inspected foot by foot, looking for any obvious penetrations or more subtle signs of water incursion.

    Maintenance Program

    The peace of mind you receive is worth the expense, and you definitely will avoid major costs down the road if you arrange for this to be done regularly.

    Bring Roof Condition Awareness with a detailed Report

    We will work with you to create a regular schedule to visit and check the roof, offering solutions and roof repairs as needed. Comprehensive roof reports are provided when required.

    Roof Insight

    Comprehensive Roof Report

    Our comprehensive roof reports provides customers with photos of the roof, details of any problems and recommendations for repairs. We provide costings and all other information in order for you to make an informed decision. Contact us to get a report on your commercial roof.

    Roof Report Features

    • Written Detailed Report With Photos
    • Identify small problems
    • Condition Scoring out of 5
    • Conclusion & Recommendations
    • Quotes for all recommended work

    Drone Roof Inspection Services

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    • Rapid Assessment & problem area identification
    • Comprehensive scans of large buildings
    • Roof assessment for property owners/designers / insurance claims
    • Report highlighting areas of possible leaks, damage and roofing failures
    • Perfect for steep hazardous roofs

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