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Get a comprehensive leak assessment and repair service

Get a comprehensive leak assessment and repair service

Manawatu/Horowhenua & Wellington regions.

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We find the problem

We have the skills and experience to find the source of the leak and provide a speedy solution to get you waterproof again.

Any Roofing types

We offer solutions across all types of roofing, not just one roofing material. Slate, iron, shingle, membrane, tin tile, decramastic and many more.

Hands on experience

Leak assessments are carried out by our in-house LBP qualified roofer with 20 years experience. We know what to look for to diagnose & solve leaks.

Highly Recommended

Praised for excellence with outstanding reviews on Google and

Pragmatic advice

There are limits to what can be achieved with regards to leak repairs and no guarantees of performance. We are committed to giving you the best possible advice, even when it’s hard to hear. We want to help solve the problem and ensure it stays solved, not throw expensive boomerangs at it and waste time in the process.

RANZ Membership:

Demonstrating our dedication to roofing excellence as members of the Roofing Association of New Zealand.

Aquashield Roofing

Process of elimination

We methodically identify and fix the true source of your roof leak, ensuring a lasting repair with a straightforward, effective approach.

Inspection and Detection.

The process begins with a thorough inspection of the roof to locate the source of the leak. This involves skilled roofers who understand that water can track in complex paths, making the leak's origin not always obvious. They use their expertise to meticulously trace the leak's path and identify the exact point of water ingress.

Initial Attempt at Repair.

Upon finding the leak, the team will attempt a repair. If the leak is too complex for a quick fix, they'll apply a temporary solution to slow down or stop the water until a full repair can be made, ensuring the home is protected in the interim.

Follow-Up Communication.

If the initial repair isn't enough or more extensive work is needed, the team will inform the customer and provide a clear explanation. They will also offer a quotation for the recommended additional repairs or replacement, ensuring the customer understands the next steps and associated costs.

Detailed Quote and Options.

The customer will receive a detailed quote outlining the costs and procedures for the necessary repairs or replacement. This quote will include a transparent breakdown of the work needed to fully address the issue and ensure a durable, leak-free roof.

Trusted by Homeowners

"Slade and his team replaced our concrete tile roof with iron. The finished result is superb. Our leaks have been stopped! We were very comfortable with having the work team on-site. They were very respectful with how they treated us and our property. We recommend them."
29 Oct 2023
"We were very impressed with Aquashield they were very professional and efficient. getting a roof replaced is very stressful but we felt very confident in Aquashield, we would 100% recommend them, they are super busy so we had to wait a bit longer than expected but was well worth the wait. Plus I got four quotes and Aquashield had the best price."
16 Sep 2023
"When I contacted Aquashield originally they were at my place within 2 days of the request with a fast turn around of the quote. Other local companies didn't even get back to me. I got a full roof, gutter and downpipe installment. The team communicated well and turned up on time as they stated. Easy going people, simple to deal with and left the property clean and tidy after the days work. Very happy with the quality of work totally transformed my home."
9 Feb 2023

Don't Panic!

At Aquashield Roofing, We’ve Got You Covered.

Got questions? We got answers.

These sets of questionnaires and answers by experts can help get a better understanding of our general remodeling services, timeline & process.

A leak assessment costs start at $149 + GST. This includes travel and time on site to inspect and diagnose the cause of the issue. These findings will be discussed with you and presented in writing on request. In some cases the issue can be fixed on the spot for an additional cost; but often the repair will require specific materials and labour that will quote following our visit.

Solutions to leak issues can be as simple as a 5 minute fix or as comprehensive as a complete roof replacement. Once we have inspected the property and diagnosed the issue we will be able to provide pricing promptly via actionable quotes on any viable repair, membrane or replacement options and get you booked in to have this done ASAP.
Absolutely. Chances are if you have had one leak there are more in the pipeline for your roof. We will not only assist in diagnosing and repairing any immediate issues; we will advise and provide quotes on recommended maintenance, upkeep, membrane or replacement steps that you should consider either instead of a repair or alongside one.
Insurance claims have mixed success with regards to leak repair requirements. In a large number of cases a leak is caused by deferred maintenance or roofing that is overdue for replacement. However if an event has caused damage to a roof (severe storm or wind event for example) then insurance is definitely likely to cover it, we can talk you through the situation in detail and provide the paperwork and quotes you need for your insurance claim as required.
Aquashield specializes in real people. We answer the phone, visit your property and take the time to talk you through the entire process. Proceed with confidence knowing that you have the best information and quotes at your fingertips and impartial advice from a Aquashield consultant to assist you throughout the process.
Leak assessments are invoiced directly from Roofbuddy to the customer who has requested the service. You can book now to provide all the information we require to schedule your leak assessment and process your $199 call out via credit card or online banking.

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