Roof Cleaning Services

Keep it clean!
Keep it clean!

Roof Cleaning Services

Here at Aquashield Roofing we specialise in getting rid of unsightly, corrosive moss and mould before they cause costly damage to your roof. You’ll not only have a nicer looking roof, but you’re protecting the value of the building too.

Roof Restoration Services

We can do minor repairs, or a complete roof maintenance or replacement package

  • Decremastic Tiles - We provide the highest quality decramastic tile finish, we can convert your run down, bent and buckled tiled roof into a new investment.
  • Long Run Iron - We will repair, treat rust and resurface your roof back to its original state. Reduce the risk of leaks and dampness in your home.
  • Concrete Tiles - Replace broken or damaged tiles, Completely point all Hips & Ridge tiles with our exclusive flexible compound & Paint

Why keep your roof clean?

Dirt and Moss have a big impact on your roof’s lifespan.  You wouldn’t think much of it but they can cause damage to your Roofs surface and eventually cause leaks. The roof on your home is designed with water channels that direct rain down into the gutters. Dirt and moss can affect these channels by clogging them which can cause major water damage.

Pressure Washing Services


Moss & Lichen Treatment


Gutter Cleaning Services



Here are just some of the reasons you should choose us when looking for roof wash expertise.

Here are some signs to take note of. this will help you determine if your roof needs some work

  • Our roof cleaning services include the removal of moss and lichen as well as removing the build-up of mould, dirt, and grime
  • Our roof cleaning services will not cause damage to your roof
  • We can also apply a treatment to prevent moss and lichen from returning
  • Our team is experienced, skilled, and professional
  • We are reliable and will always turn up on time
  • Our prices are competitive

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