Roof Restoration Services

Extend the life of your Roof
Extend the life of your Roof

Roof Repairs/Maintenance Specialist

Here at Aquashield Roofing we specialise in accessing your roof and identifying potential problems. Identifying roof problems early and repairing them before they become a major and expensive problem is key to your roofs health and longevity. We will leave your roof looking great, water tight and drastically extend its life-span.

Roof Repair & Maintenance Solutions

We can do minor repairs, or a complete roof maintenance or replacement package

  • Decremastic Tiles - We provide the highest quality decramastic tile finish, we can convert your run down, bent and buckled tiled roof into a new investment.
  • Long Run Iron - We will repair, treat rust and resurface your roof back to its original state. Reduce the risk of leaks and dampness in your home.
  • Concrete Tiles - Replace broken or damaged tiles, Completely point all Hips & Ridge tiles with our exclusive flexible compound & Paint

Extened the life of your Roof

if your roof was installed in the 70 – 80’s era it could be time to have it assessed and get a professional quotation for all the necessary restorations to bring it up to a quality standard that will not only extend the life of your roof but will bring it up to its formal looking glory. A restoration can cost a fraction of a new roof BUT if your roof is in need of a complete replacement we will not hesitate to be honest with you and provide a quote for a re roof.

Roof Maintenance


Partial Repairs


Honest Advice

Know the signs!

Here are some signs to take note of. this will help you determine if your roof needs some work.

key signs:

  • Leaks, seeps, and drips
  • Your roof is over 15 years old
  • Roof is looking tired
  • Moss & Lichen infestation
  • Discoloured ceilings

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